Can be Cristiano Ronaldo solely the reason for Portugal’s poor Euro 2016 displays?


At any time since he stepped on the brightest football field as an 18-year-old son wearing a Saturday Swapshop style jumper

following his? 12 million Manchester Usa move from Sporting Lisboa, Portugal star Cristiano Cr7 has been polarizing

the earth football arguably like no player before.

13 years down the series and at the Dollar 2016 European Championship, now a Real Madrid legend is stirring the weed once

again with his displays and public feedback in France.

He can every person’s favourite bad guy, but do we have the right to hate – or love him for that matter – so passionately,

judging his every move and scrutinising his all the way?
Burden of Leadership

With Spain having added a stalemate against Austria to the frustrating draw against Iceland at the opening of the Euro

2016, Bautizado Ronaldo has again recently been singled out from the crowd, taking all the blame for his countrywide team’s

failure to offer and meet the expectations.

Genuine Madrid star may become a leader, but he is a technical one though. Cristiano Ronaldo has always been one to arranged standards

with his endless efforts and dominant shows, but he has never been a true charming, personality leader as his

individualism often created huge teammate problems.

However, Spain star boasts a more tender side to his character, the one that was on screen against Austria and Iceland as

Exemplary Education

One fortunate Portugal buff will confirm it as he was treated by a selfie with caring Cristiano Ronaldo, who

eliminated match security members from manhandling this pitch invader. Knowing that Portugal would be fined for this

intrusion, Cristiano Ronaldo still waited patiently as this (un)fortunate fan calmed his trembling hands to take an image

of his ideal.

A couple of days and nights before, Cristiano Ronaldo elevated a couple of eye brows with two lines shaved in his hair for a match

against Iceland.

Individuals who judged him were required to bow their head, in shame, as Cristiano Ronaldo used the occasion and this little detail

to show unification with a sick child. Based on reports, True Madrid star taken care of the medical treatment of a young boy

sick with cancer in Portugal and that this move was his way of elevating awareness for the sickness itself.

This wasn’t the first time Cristiano Cr7 used his hair style to conveniently mix fashion with a cause.

Back again in 2014 Cristiano Cr7 shaved his head in zig-zag pattern privately against the USA with the look mirroring

the brain surgery scars. Portugal superstar paid? 50, 000 cost for a Spanish child’s surgery fantastic 2014 World Glass hairdo

was supposed to show solidarity with disease.
Taking Responsibility

Using generally groundless hate towards the Portugal side to assess his Euro 2016 shows – even with that overlooked

penalty against Luxembourg included providing plenty of grounds for doing so – can be somewhat unfounded to make findings on

his influence in Portugal’s play.

His sarcastic grim in the 78th minute of the game against Austria when the ball hit the bottom of the left hand post was meant

to send a careless message, but it revealed much more than what Ronaldo planned. Seemingly uncaring, Cristiano Cr7

was disappointed more than any of the followers that still hold this miss against him.

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